Development of design and project documentation

Main principles of our specialists are

individual approach,

flexible layout arrangements,

innovative solutions,

high level of standardization and

unification of products – simplicity of routine maintenance

and further modernization of the equipment,

consideration of manufacturing technique,

operation and repair of the exclusive equipment.




Special attention is paid to environment, economic use of energy sources, water, consumables.

Scope of “Teplocom” services

• technology and energy audit of the plant

• development of pre-design solutions

• feasibility study

• commissioning work

• personnel training



General or partial reconstruction of sugar factories

We select, supply and provide kitting of equipment of both domestic and foreign production in order to provide effective realization of the plant reconstruction project.

Due to cooperation with many European manufacturers we have an opportunity to supply not only new equipment but also the used one in a perfect working condition.

Effectiveness, Ecological compatibility, Economic feasibility

We achieve

Reduction of costs at increasing productivity of the plant,

Reduction of the emissions into environment at minimal costs etc.

Qualified AND motivated personnel

- is the key to successful projects

There are more than 40 highly-qualified experts.

Our leading specialists are authors of scientific and technical developments.

They have scientific publications, copyright certificates for inventions.

Individual approach to each customer, selection of optimal solutions

We perform both local reconstructions and the whole complex of works on modernization

including automation of technological processes,

supply of necessary equipment with turnkey plants.


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Erection works (Mantling/ dismantling )

Do you need metal structures and

erecting/repair of industrial equipment

(vessels working under the pressure)

for sugar or other industrial production? 

We also offer: Production of foundations, general construction works, Performance of additional electric-installation works on connection of the equipment and internal power consumers. For more details (Remkom)

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Automation of technological processes

If you would like to get

- decreasing of labor costs

- improving of production conditions

- increasing of output range

- increasing of the production quality.

Contact us and processes at your plant will be automated efficiently and timely.

For more details (Sautcom)