(A, B) and II carbonization tank

(A, B) and II carbonization tank TC-AC

Is designed for maximal removing of non-sugars by adsorption and getting the high sediment and filtering rates of juice (I carbonization tank).

The II carbonization tank is designed for maximal calcium removing from the liquor and additional removal of soluble non-sugars.


Structural features

No moveable mechanisms and seals.

No force purification device for gas distribution system.

Possibility to adapt the construction to the conditions of raw sugar processing.

No stagnation zones inside the device.



Improvement of the juice’s sedimentation and filtration properties.

Processing of the II carbonization juice to the optimal alkalinity.

Maximal efficiency of the juice purification during the I carbonization is achieved by using the hot defecation device TC-AGDK and also by decreasing the Calcium soluble salts content in the juice of II carbonization using maturing tank TC-DDK.



Simple construction of the devices for gas distribution and flows circulation due to absence of moveable mechanisms and seals.

Uninterrupted operation (without scaling) during the whole production season despite the fact that there is no force purification of gas distribution device.



High degree of carbonization gas utilization.

Natural recirculation of the processed juice flow.

Decreasing of the heat losses and emissions into environment.



Simplifying of technological process during the II carbonization due to absence of stagnation zones.




Productivity, t/day

4 500 - 12 000

Total volume of the unit m3

121 - 158

Operational volume of the unit, m3

42,6 - 68

Operational temperature, °

85 - 96

Process duration, min

6 - 11

Environmental reaction, pH

10,8 - 11,2

Beam barometer, number of beams

6 -12

Mass, kg

13 950 - 18 500

Overall dimensions – length, mm

4 200 - 4 450

Overall dimensions – width, mm

3 950 - 4 450

Overall dimensions – height, mm

12 850 - 16 525