Progressive defecation unit TC-D, modified by Pankin

Progressive defecation unit TC-D, modified by Pankin


It is designed for preliming at the raw juice purification station of the sugar factories.

Structural features

Optimization of the inner juice circulation flows with the help of partitions and butterfly dampers constructions.

Possibility of an accurate flow adjusting in considerably broad range of raw juice consumption.



Considerable improvement of raw juice purification technological parameters.

Increasing of filtering speed.



No bearing in the middle part of the mixer shaft.

Preventing juice leakage with the help of sealing construction between the mixer’s shaft and casing.



Providing productivity of 7000 - 9000 tones of beet per day with possibility of realizing modern heat balance and process scheme at the sugar factory.

Reduction of lime consumption.




Beet productivity, t/day

7 000 - 9 000

Unit type


Number of chambers


Mixer rotation frequency, rpm

8 … 12,5

Set capacity, kW


Operational temperature, °


Operational volume (min/max), m³


Unit mass (without heat insulation), kg

52 200

Mass of the unit filled with juice, kg

377 700

Overall dimensions- length, mm

14 400

Overall dimensions – width, mm

4 220

Overall dimensions – height, mm

5 930