Cossette mixer

Cossette mixer TC-OS


It is designed for cossette scalding – at the primary stage of sugar extraction process when cossette heating is provided by counter flow heat exchange with raw juice. It is used for extraction plants of various types and can be used for re-equipment of existing diffusion stations of sugar plants.

Structural features

Compact single-shaft construction with simple and reliable transportation and mixing system.

Grates with double cone openings. 



No corrosion and foaming as juice-cossette mixture does not contact with air.

Removal of gas bubbles out of juice-cossette mixture.

Slight grinding of cossette in the process of scalding.



Three-stage protection of the drive from overload.

Corrosion-resistant surfaces contacting with the product.



Possibility to use low-grade heat for the raw juice heating.

Maximal use of the interior volume in the process of scalding.



Maintenance of the optimal density of the working volume filling with cossette.

Automatic adaptation of the mode with the change of cossette quality.

Stabilization of the temperature mode in scalding process.





Beet productivity, t/day

6 000

Set capacity, kW


Electric power supply, V, Hz

380/600, 50

Shaft rotation frequency, rpm


Inner body diameter, mm

5 200

Outer pipe shaft diameter, mm

2 000

Mass, kg

≤ 60 100

Overall dimensions – length

9 108

Overall dimensions – width, mm

5 464

Overall dimensions – height, mm

11 795