Sugar cooler


Sugar cooler TC-S

It is designed for sugar cooling after the drying device by direct contact with heat exchange surface.

It is used in sugar beet and raw sugar processing at the sugar industry plants. The cooled water is usually used as a cooling agent which is supplied from the closed contour of the cooler or from the open source of cooling water.


Structural features

Combined principle of bulk stock mass overflowing and technology of plate-type heat exchangers.

Organization of bulk stock moving along the surface of outer plates from top downwards and circulation of the cooling liquid (water/diol) which cools the sugar to set temperature along the interior surface.

Possibility of further construction build up for productivity increasing due to multi-block structure of the unit.

Simple mounting of the unit in case of existing production modernization as well as during implementation of the new one.



Special construction of discharge hopper which is installed on the lifting bars and provided with vibrating drive for the product’s mass overflowing.

Mild product processing allows prevent the destruction of sugar crystals.



Increased heat exchange surface due to vertical arrangement of the heat exchange unit.

Reduction of heat power losses contrasted with devices based on fluidized bed layer and drum-type units.



Not many moving parts in the unit.

Reliable adjusting of the sugar supply velocity using discharge hopper’s vibrating drive allows change unit’s productivity and cooled sugar temperature operatively.



Automatic change of unit productivity and cooling degree.

Settings of the periodical operational mode using means of the upper and bottom unit levels.



Productivity, t/day

600 - 1 200

Number of heat exchange elements, pcs

41 - 82

General area of heat exchange surface, m2

244 - 488

Operational pressure, bar


Material of elements contacting with sugar

AISI 304

Material of elements not contacting with sugar


Drive capacity, kW

2 x 0,9

Mass, kg

4 400 - 8 700

Overall dimensions – length, mm

2 025

Overall dimensions – width, mm

2 070

Overall dimensions – height, mm

5 410 - 8 170