Chain bucket elevator

Chain bucket elevator -

It is designed for continuous vertical movement of the wet sugar in buckets fastened on hauling chains with some spacing.


Structural features

Possibility to vary productivity of the elevator (can be installed on the factories with productivity up to 9000 t of beet per day).

Possibility to increase height of the elevator by the body build-up and chains elongation.

Lining of the body’s and buckets’ interior surface by the stainless steel.

Module construction allows to

speed up the mounting execution.



Considerable reduction of the ferro-intermixtures in sugar due to good material selection for elevator surfaces contacting with the product.

Reduction of sugar spillage due to minimal gaps between buckets and loading-unloading openings.



Uninterrupted operation during the whole production time.

Simple routine maintenance due to removable chains and buckets.

Full access to all moving mechanisms through the manholes in the body.

Simple and reliable in operation moving mechanisms.

Drive and bearing assemblies of the leading world manufactures.




Productivity on sugar, t/day

1 140

Hauling chains motion speed, m/s


Set capacity, kW


Electric power supply, V, Hz

380/600, 50

Bucket volume, m3

0, 014 ÷ 0, 02

Pitch of the buckets setting, mm


Bucket’s material

stainless steel

Lining of the chute

Sheet of the stainless steel

Mass, kg

≤ 6 000

Mass in the filled mode, kg

≤ 6 600

Chute cross-section, mm

940 1 080

Overall dimensions – length, mm

1 795

Overall dimensions – width, mm

3 060

Overall dimensions – height, mm

13 195