Cold crystals preparation unit

Cold crystals preparation unit TC-AHK

It is designed for crystal base preparation for massecuite of A and B, C products and for seed massecuite.

Structural features

Availability of mechanical mixer for product circulation inside the unit and built-in heat exchange surface which provides the crystallization process by cooling.


Improvement of the massecuite crystal structure.

Methodical product cooling at the set time helps to build up crystals steadily without conglomerate forming.


Reduction of the A and B, C products’ massecuite boiling time.

Reduction of sucrose losses.

Reduction of water consumption during A, B, C products’ massecuite centrifugation.

Reduction of vapour consumption at the sugar end.

No need in additional equipment and in energy consumptions for the contour temperature maintenance.



Effective volume, m3


Specific heat exchange surface, m2/t


Set drive capacity, kW



stainless steel

Mass, kg

3 500

Unit diameter, mm

2 000

Overall dimensions – length, mm

2 270

Overall dimensions – width, mm

2 200

Overall dimensions – height, mm

5 620