Dust separation system

Dust separation system TC-SV

It is designed for dust catching in wet gas purifying systems, is broadly used in other branches of food, chemical industry and energetic. New series of devices -SV for dust-laden air purification and for other gas-air mixtures provides high efficiency and simplicity of operation.


Structural features

Maintenance of the recycle liquid density.

System of dust deposit prevention at the walls of device.

Higher productivity at smaller production area in comparison with traditional purification systems  (multicyclone).

The possibility to manufacture devices with different configurations.



The design of the unit allows to get air purification effect up to 98%.



Returning the end products to the production.

Optimal liquid consumption on the nozzles.

Considerable reduction of pollutants emissions into the atmosphere.

Does not require highly qualified specialists.



Uninterrupted operation during the whole production period.

The new series of TC-SV units is designed on the basis of Venturi’s tube


Technical characteristics


Productivity on purified air, m3 /hour

20 000 – 120 000

Dust catching efficiency

95 – 98 %*

Hydraulic resistance, kPa

1 – 1,2

Specific irrigation, l/m3

0,3 – 0,4

Liquid pressure before the nozzles, not less than, atm

2 – 2,5

Material of construction, steel


*the efficiency of scrubber dust catching is confirmed by instrumental measurements executed by ecological laboratory PE “Inter-Eco” which were made at the PJSC “PC “Podillya” (Kryzhopilsky sugar factory, Ukraine).