Experience of successful reconstructions

Providing industrial solutions

Cooperation with Teplocom helps to reduce your costs


Teplocom Company specializes in engineering works aimed at modernization of food industry enterprises:

  • enterprise inspection

  • development of pre-project solutions

  • project feasibility study

  • preparing of design and project related documentation

  • civil engineering and installation works

  • preparing the list of equipment and supply

  • putting into operation and setting up the equipment, personnel training

What we do


We provide kitting and supply both for domestically produced and imported equipment. Also we offer individually designed equipment of our production.


Our company has a solid experience in modernization of sugar refineries and we implement a comprehensive approach covering various aspects of production.


Teplocom extensively cooperates with various sugar refineries. Our scope of services covers almost whole technological cycle of production in sugar industry.

Best practical solutions

We offer a complete modernization for

  • beet supply and washing line
  • heat scheme
  • diffusion department
  • defecosaturation station
  • filtration station
  • sulfitation station
  • evapoation station
  • crystallization department
  • sugar drying department
  • bagasse drying complex
  • heating and hot water supply systems
  • heat station
  • outdoor buildings
We provide warranty and service support for all equipment supplied by our company.

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Reducing energy consumption and emissions to environment with improvement of technical and economical performance of enterprise is our main aim.

Cooperation with Teplocom company helps to reduce your costs: fuel – 30-50%; technical water – 40-90%; electric power 20-35%; lime stone – 10-40%. At the same time technical and economic performance of all enterprises has significantly improved, including increasing of product output and improvement of products quality.

Comprehensive approach is the main principle which provides successful results of our work.

The company has developed and implemented a number of progressive technical solutions:

  • efficient and economical schemes of heat use

  • progressive technological schemes

  • water use schemes

  • original solutions for reconstruction and modernization of various installations and equipment

Each of the enterprises  serviced by our company has significantly improved both cost- and quality related indicators.

Teplocom company supplies both new and used equipment for sugar producing plants.

We can determine the best equipment to supply to the enterprise in order to ensure optimum technological performance and we guarantee the best results of its implementation.