Falling film evaporator

Falling film evaporator TC-AVP

It is designed for water evaporation from the product (increasing of product concentration). Can be used as a consisting part of evaporation plant at any degree of evaporation.


Structural features

Improved juice separator.

Improved system of non-condensed gas discharge.

Possibility to design the unit with the required heat exchange reference surface.

Possibility of installation outside the main body that is necessary during plant capacity increasing and in case of the limited production area.

Possibility to design the single pass unit.



Short contact of the product with the heat exchange surface.

Minimal increasing of the product’s colour grade. 

Qualitative vapour separation.

Unlike the circulation evaporating units (Roberts type) there is no hydrostatic depression increasing the general temperature drop on the body and correspondingly on the evaporation plant in general.



Possibility to increase temperature mode by means of short contact of the product with heat exchange surface.

Considerably higher coefficient of heat exchange especially on III, IV and V bodies of evaporation station.



The automatic level control in input chamber and unit protection from juice recirculation stoppage.




Heat exchange surface, m2

1 500-6 000

Acceptable operational pressure, MPa


Test pressure, MPa


Operational temperature, °

up to 152

The length of heating surface pipes, m