Mixer-collector for crystal seed storage

Seed magma feeding mixer TC-U

It is designed for boiled seed magma intake. It is an integral part of the A (B and C) products massecuite boiling scheme on the basis of seed magma and works as a buffer vessel in the seed magma dosing contour through vacuum units of A (B and C) products.

Structural features

Broader choice of setting place due to built-up construction in comparison with other integral mixers of the same volume.

Protection against corrosion of the mixer upper part (accordingly to the customer’s request it can be manufactured totally of the stainless steel).

Optimal massecuite mixing.

Prevention of stagnation zones forming.



Reduction of the A (B and C) products massecuite boiling time.

Reduction of water losses at massecuite centrifuging.

Reduction of vapour losses at the sugar end.

Reduction of sucrose losses.

Improving of the massecuite crystal structure.



Minimal maintenance requirements.





Effective volume, m3


Electric drive capacity, kW

2 x 5,5

Body diameter, mm

2 370

Overall dimensions- length, mm

15 200

Overall dimensions – width, mm

2 510

Overall dimensions – height, mm

2 760